OZOSì Service

Ozone sanitization of rooms and meeting rooms.

BW Plus Hotel Expo Verona offers its customers a service that meets the growing hygiene needs.

We purify rooms and meeting rooms with the revolutionary “OZOSì” ozone sanitization system, eliminating the bacterial load of previous customers and restoring an uncontaminated environment. In this way, even in emergency health situations, the spaces frequented by our customers are healthy and free of viruses and bacteria.

The OZOSì system

OZOSì acts in a short time through special ozonators, sanitizing the air, surfaces and all fabrics, attacking the various organic compounds oxidizing them, inactivating them and eliminating odors, smoke residues, mites, bacteria, fungi, molds and viruses. It also enters air conditioning systems and ventilation channels destroying every microorganism.

Ozone is a natural gas, recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health as a “natural device for the sterilization of environments …”, with a very strong oxidizing power capable of disinfecting and sterilizing air, water and all surfaces with which it comes into contact with a reduction percentage of over 99.98%.