Environment - BW Plus Hotel Expo

We respect the environment by using clean energy and promoting green tourism.

BW Plus Hotel Expo Verona has made responsible energy and consumption choices by using 100% green energy, providing guests with new electric bikes, and offering two charging stations (service temporarily suspended) in the garage.

Explore Verona Sustainably

The new electric bikes at Best Western Plus Hotel Expo Verona are the perfect choice for exploring in a sustainable and fun way. Effortlessly pedal through the morainic hills, along the scenic routes of Lake Garda, following the Mincio River to the rice fields and old “piles” of the lower Veronese region.

Outdoor Adventures

Enjoy a worry-free outdoor adventure, immersing yourself in the beauty of the Veronese territory. Discover unique places and local flavors, all while limiting your environmental impact. Choose an unforgettable experience with our electric bikes!