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Divinae SPA & Beauty is the ideal environment to recover energy and restore body and mind.

The SPA menu is full of relaxation and detox opportunities: sauna, Turkish bath, emotional and waterfall shower, herbal tea and relaxation area. The enveloping environment pampers the guest with fragrances and colored soft lights to give the benefits of aroma and chromotherapy.

The program is completed with the exclusive face and body treatments of Vanilla Beauty Wellness, to regain energy, release stress and tension, give the skin compactness and tone.

Access is allowed only by reservation from Wednesday to Sunday (inclusive), from 17.00 to 21.00, the maximum duration of the SPA path is 45 minutes per couple / family.


Saline bandages

They are particularly suitable as anti-cellulite: based on saline solutions they eliminate excess liquids, have a detoxifying function and counteract water retention.

Hot scrub butter

A treatment dedicated to the exfoliation of the body, with salts and butters rich in essences in order to nourish. Promotes tissue regeneration, thus making the skin more luminous, elastic and smooth to the touch.


In addition to aesthetics, the therapeutic action of the mud is a real ally to eliminate excess liquids, which are mainly retained in the tissues of the legs, abdomen and hips.


The look becomes magnetic, with the new definitive treatment for the eye area. A real anti-aging strategy that acts directly on all the aging factors of the eye area.

Advanced face

A complete path with three deluxe treatments to revitalize, oxygenate, firm up. The alchemy of active ingredients enhances the textures of all products, for a skin that blooms and is finally young, toned and wonderfully compact.


Hot stone massage

The hot stones to relieve body pain, relax the muscle and lighten the mind. A powerful elixir to treat muscle pain, back pain, stress, insomnia and depression.

Hot oil massage

A joy for body and mind. The manipulation of the tissues thanks to the use of sweet and delicate oils which with their warmth and fragrance improve the production of endorphins and promote relaxation.

Lymphatic drainage

Drain the lymphatic fluids that accumulate in specific areas of the body by eliminating the resulting ailments: it is the objective of this splendid treatment that gives a state of true lightness.

Sports massage

Dedicated to sportsmen and not, it is a cure-all to remove waste products such as histamine, stretch the tissues, open the micro-circulation and increase the blood flow.

Foot reflexology

The foot recounts our organic present and a correct reflexology session is a powerful healing tool for defeating headaches, insomnia, chronic fatigue and much more.


With each step, new sensations and new fragrances are discovered. An escape to a warm and bright place. You will feel delighted, deeply relaxed, the complexion will be radiant and the body regenerated, the senses will be in ecstasy above any experience.


  • Welcome herbal tea
  • Total body scrub with hot butter
  • Steam bath
  • Shower
  • Hot oil massage

€ 125 per couple



The Spice Ritual will transport you to a magnificent sunlit garden where you can feel the benefit of fragrant medicinal herbs. The relaxing action of these herbs and the warmth of the lava stones with the intoxicating properties of hot oil will offer all your senses an exceptional treatment.


  • Welcome herbal tea
  • Hot stone
  • Steam bath
  • Iridium

€ 125 per couple



This wonderful ritual will take you to a luxurious oriental palace full of mysterious and heady scents of Amber and Spices.
Fascinating journey to discover the ancient recipe for a silk skin and a silhouette to discover. Savor the most sensual and magical of adventures.


  • Welcome herbal tea
  • brushing
  • Massage with warm golden amber butter
  • Soin Vitalitè or Densitensor facial treatment
  • Relaxing herbal tea

€ 125 per couple

Fitness area

The indoor fitness area is the realm of training and exercise. The gym is equipped with stationary bikes, leg-presses, pectoral machines and Technogym treadmills, to be fit and keep the body agile and quick.